Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening at Bridge House Dental Practice is a fast and easy way to achieve a Hollywood smile, thanks to our investment in the ‘ZOOM!’ whitening system.


Healthy teeth can darken with age and stain with diet or lifestyle choices.Coffee, red wine and smoking can all discolour your teeth and age your smile. Off-the-shelf toothpastes and whitening treatments have limited success in putting things right.

Professional teeth whitening removes engrained stains and tartar to improve the tone of your natural teeth. It can achieve much more than any other treatment, giving you a new smile and even taking a few years off your appearance.

We specialise in ZOOM! laser whitening that is entirely safe, extremely fast and highly effective. In our painless procedure, teeth are coated with a bleaching agent and lasers are directed onto the teeth to activate the chemical reaction which causes the teeth to lighten.

The result can be a shade up to six times lighter than your natural colour. We do not use acids or abrasives so the teeth are not damaged and we take great care to protect the gum for exposure to bleach or laser. By using a laser technique rather than traditional chemical methods, we can achieve dramatic results in just one hour.

We also help you to maintain your new smile. In addition to the personal treatment you receive in our dentist’s chair, we will give you a custom-made kit to help you maintain your new colour at home. With a little maintenance and attention to diet, hygiene and lifestyle, you can see the benefits of laser whitening for years to come.