Single Tooth

One or more single tooth implants can permanently restore a natural appearance.

A missing tooth can cause long-term problems

Having a missing tooth isn’t just a cosmetic problem. The corresponding tooth on the opposite jaw is no longer pushing against a tooth every time you bite, so it can over-develop and damage the opposing gum. Also, neighbouring teeth tend to try to move into the gap. This can cause long-term misalignment (crooked teeth) issues.

Fitting a single tooth implant

The implant process involves creating an artificial substitute for the root of a natural tooth. This is in the form of a small screw fitted into the jawbone, which fuses with the jawbone over time. A man-made tooth is then fitted firmly onto the artificial root. Once in place, implants are permanent and blend excellently with your natural teeth.

A new solution

Until relatively recently, a missing tooth could only be resolved by partial dentures or a bridge. Although these can look pleasing, they both have their drawbacks. Dentures require daily removal and maintenance, and both dentures and bridges tend to wear out after ten years or so. Implants are permanent, longer lasting solutions to missing teeth.