Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment moves and straightens teeth to improve their appearance - and make them work better.


Straight teeth are healthier teeth. When teeth bite together correctly, they are easier to clean and decay and disease are rarer.

Every patient is different, so we design a unique treatment path for everyone.As well as a physical examination to assess the extent of the problem we talk to you about what you hope to get from the treatment. Then we talk you through the treatment strategy we feel will be best for you, which may involve the use of braces or retainers, and only begin treatment when you are happy to proceed. NHS orthodontic treatment is available if the condition is sufficiently serious.

We can of course also help if you are concerned about your child’s crooked teeth. Their teeth can be straightened and aligned so that they will reach adulthood with great looking and properly functioning teeth. Again, if your child’s condition is sufficiently serious, their treatment can be provided under the NHS.

Jonathan Cliffe is the Principal Dentist at Bridge House Dental Practice. He has over 10 years experience in orthodontic treatment and is following this up studying part time for a Diploma in Primary Orthodontic Care. Also he has held a Clinical Assistant position in Orthodontics at Kettering General Hospital for the last 3 years, prior to this he worked at several local hospitals providing Orthodontics. 

Johnathan Cliffe is a member of the British Orthodontic Society which aims to promote the study and practice of orthodontics, maintain and improve professional standards in orthodontics and encourage research and education in orthodontics.