Implants look incredibly realistic and offer a long-term solution to tooth loss.

Missing teeth can cause long-term problems

Having missing teeth isn’t just a cosmetic problem. The opposing teeth on the opposite jaw are no longer pushing against teeth every time you bite, so they can over-develop and damage the opposing gum. Also, neighbouring teeth tend to try to move into the gap. This can cause long-term misalignment (crooked teeth) issues.

Fitting a multiple tooth implant

The implant process involves fitting a number of small screws into the jawbone, which bond naturally with the jawbone over the following the months. A temporary tooth substitute may be worn during this time. When the screws and jawbone have bonded, a custom-made bridge is fixed firmly onto the screws.

An alternative to several single tooth implants

If you have several missing teeth in a row, replacing each one with individual implants may not be the best solution. Instead, it would be less invasive to replace the teeth with a bridge of several crowns connected together. The bridge will need just two or three screws placing into your jaw to act as anchor points.