Full Arch

A truly life-changing transformation, helping you recover from total tooth loss.

Getting back to normality

We know that total tooth loss affects multiple aspects of your life, cosmetic and practical. But now it is possible to return to a more normal condition. With full arch implants (i.e. replacing all of the upper or lower teeth) you’ll be able to talk, eat, smile and laugh with new confidence. Few things we encounter at Bridge Dental give us more satisfaction than seeing such a huge transformation in a patient’s overall wellbeing

Simultaneous upper and lower full arch implants

Complete full mouth restorations are possible by combining lower and upper full arch implants. Although this may seem like a challenging option, there are in fact advantages to having both treatments done at the same time. It can require fewer appointments and less cost in the long run, and create a more satisfactory tooth position outcome.

Fitting a full arch tooth implant

The implant process involves fitting half a dozen or so small screws into the jawbone, which bond naturally with the jawbone over the following the months. Temporary bridges may be worn during this time. When the screws and jawbone have bonded, custom-made bridges are fixed firmly onto the screws.