Cerec is a one-visit process: no need for temporary crowns or repeat visits.

Step one: 3D imaging

A special 3D scanning camera is used to create a digital model of the area of your mouth that needs attention. This could be a new cavity, a broken tooth, teeth that require veneers, or an existing filling that needs replacing. Once the image is taken, we may adjust it using CAD software, taking into account how the new ceramic will blend with your other surrounding teeth.

Step two: Making your own crown, veneer or filling

Once we are happy with the 3D model, we use our onsite computer-controlled milling machine to make the required ceramic fitting in just a few minutes. Colour matching is usually done using special stains and glazes so that the ceramic closely matches the appearance of your existing teeth.

Step three: Bonding the ceramic to your teeth

When we are confident that the ceramic fitting is the right shape and colour, the existing tooth and fitting are prepared before fixing in place using a very strong resin cement. Once in place, no special maintenance is normally needed beyond regular cleaning and flossing.