Putting your teeth back almost the way they were – in a single visit.

Same-day restoration

In the past crowns and some other restorations required you to have an initial appointment and then return in a couple of weeks for fitting. That was because crowns and other restorations were made offsite in a laboratory. But with Cerec, the manufacturing is done right here at Bridge Dental, so there’s no need to take more time off work.

An excellent colour match

Because the ceramic fittings are made while you are present in the surgery, we can achieve an especially good colour match. The ceramic fittings will blend beautifully with your surrounding teeth. This colour match is one of the reasons that many people choose to have their existing grey fillings replaced with Cerec.

No change to your routine

The Cerec fittings are very durable, so you’ll be able to eat normally as soon as you leave our practice. The ceramic material has properties very like teeth or even stronger, and the resin cement creates an especially strong bond between fitting and tooth.