Fee guide

Bridge house Dental Practice offers a wide range of treatment plans. For private care you can be assured the very best materials and treatment methods are used. We provide a greater flexibility in appointment times and are able to provide a local emergency service 7 days a week.

We are not bound by the limitations of NHS regulations and funding, so we can offer especially high levels of service. We feel that we can develop treatment plans that are truly best for your individual situation and needs, reflecting what outcomes you desire and how important they are to you, rather than the potentially limited possibilities of NHS care.

To help you enjoy the benefits of private dental care you can take out a Denplan Care payment plan to make fixed regular monthly payments to cover the costs of your dental treatment.

Bridge House Dental Practice also offers the choice of NHS care to national guidelines. Full or partial exemption from fees might be possible should you be claiming certain benefits. Please inform the reception of this at the start of treatment for further guidance. We are only one of a few General Dental Practices to be able to provide NHS orthodontic care and is available if the condition is sufficiently serious.

New patient examination inclusive of radiographs £80
Yearly examination £43
Six-monthly routine examination £29

Radiographs (x-rays)
Periapical (small) £12
Bitewings (allow us to view specific teeth) £24

Hygienist appointment
20 minutes £35

Fissure seal
Protective resin coating to stop decay £25

White fillings
Posterior (back) tooth £70
Occlusal (small) £80
Two surface (medium) £85
Three surface (large) £90-105

Gum shield prices start at £75

Full set £680-£800
Full upper £410
Full lower £410
Partial £410
Cobalt Chrome £650

£80 (20 minutes) or more depending on time taken
Surgical extraction £125 (40 minutes) or upwards if more time taken

£365 per crown

Cerec inlay
£340-£365 per inlay

Bridge pontic
£365 per unit

Porcelain veneer
£365-£420 per veneer

Root canal treatment (including filling but not crown)
Incisors £250
Premolar £270
Molar £360

Single £2,200 per implant
Multiple £1,800 per implant